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“A loving family can be found for every abandoned Shar Pei. ”



We love each and every Shar Pei that we rescue. Some come from horrific circumstances, some are dumped in pounds and some just can't be loved by their families anymore.  Our very small team of just 6 members - Sian, Lydia, Andrea, Tai, Trent and Natasha, work behind the scenes to support out foster carers and adoptive families here in Perth, Western Australia. Our Perth Pei are our extended family and we are very proud of our community.

Wherever they come from, our Shar Pei's have plenty of love to give. Adopting a Shar Pei into your family is a rewarding commitment. We are dedicated to rehoming as many Perth Pei as we can but are not limited by area. Transport from regional Western Australia or flights from Queensland are made to ensure the best possible chance for any Pei we can help.

WA Shar Pei Protection Inc. is an incorporated, not for profit organisation that we invite you to follow through social media or become a part of via membership. We encourage and Perth Pei to come along to our frequent play dates or events and ensure we are always accessible for advice or admiration of your Shar Pei pics at any given opportunity!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Shar Pei's. 

We do this through fundraising activities, forging relationships with pounds and vets. 


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Ready to adopt a new family member? Or want to be a foster carer. 

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