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Our Peis Stories

Some of our amazing Peis who have been adopted and their amazing stories and personalities.

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Meet Marvin! (The King)

Marvin is a bit of a butt that does poop poos in your kitchen. He is also a great dude who loves everyone. Marvin is always tired. Not a huge fan of walks and prefers the couch. He was emaciated but now will only eat chips at the pub covered in aioli. Marvin will be killed one day for pooping in the kitchen but for now he is king and is very loved.

Marvin is the worst case of neglect we have ever seen! This baby was the worst of them all. He is a case of inbreeding and has a huge facial lump, he had corkscrew nails, horrific mange and is just broken. We didn't expect him to last the night when we first got him, but he is a fighter!


Meet Truffles!

She was dumped at around 8 years old by her previous owners who didn't want to deal with her having extensive lumps on her mammary glands, teeth damage, cataracts and pretty much needing a lot of love and vet work!
Fast forward to now, no cancers, lumps and bumps removed, desexed and in a loving home living like the queen she was meant to be! She's not here for the drama either, she'll give a bit of a grumble if you get in her way


Meet Bailey!

We rescued her in November last year in a terrible way. She had been badly abused, beaten, picked up and thrown all for pinching a piece of toast.
Her hips were deformed making her unable to get up and when she was up, she could barely walk. Her eyes were so bad they could hardly open. After nearly a year of love and care she's also a brand new girl!
Loving life and her peiby brother and sister, Bentley and Daisy. The sweetest, goofiest pupper you'll ever meet, we love our Bailey-Girl.


Meet Daisy aka Daisy-Girl!

She came to us a broken girl, scared to death, human and dog aggressive and just really sad. 2 or so years on and she's a totally different doggo! Living her best life with 2 other Pei's and a toddler spoilt rotten and loved, as she should be.


Meet Ruby!

This is Ruby One of our resident Bone Mouth Pei's
She came to us from a rural Qld pound and made herself so completely at home we had to adopt her. She's chunky but she's funky! She even does tricks which she learnt before she came to Perth. She's super bossy with her Peiby brother, Jett. But I think he likes it.


Meet Ginny!

Ginny came to us from over the other side of Australia and made sure to make a grand entrance when she meet her foster/adopt parents, insuring to show us her attitude as well as all of her affection with her wiggle butt.